Bikita is a great mom

All the puppies are doing well. They have all increased their birthweight more than 3 times, there are breakthrough of the teeths, and yesterday they had their claws cut again, as the claws are growing as quickly as everything else on the puppies. Bikita take very good care of them. She feeds them every 2-3 hours around the clock, and she doesn’t wait until they are unhappy, but quietly steps up in the litterbox while they are still asleep, and then the puppies wake up and there is a fight about getting to the best teats. It looks a little violently at times, so it is understandable that Bikita looks a little tired sometimes, when she is lying with the puppies.

We have opened a new album, A kuld 3. week, from 29th February, but have also posted new pictures the last days in the A kuld 2. week.

Below are 2 pictures from yesterday.

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