We finally found a great male for Anaya

Last weekend we took a trip to North Jutland to visit Elisabeth Svendsen, her husband Christian and their two lovely male Ridgebacks, Inanda Mellberg Edelrood, called Rod and Rods son, Emil. The weather was great and we had a very nice visit, where Anaya and Bikita had a great time playing around with Rod and Emil. Rod and Anaya liked each other and looked very harmonious together. So it was decided to come back to Rod, when Anaya is in heat. I will be posting a lot more about Rod in the coming weeks, such as photos, judge critiques from shows, fictive pedigree for the upcoming pups ect, as well as creating a beautiful mating announcement, but as we know we already have some buyers for the upcoming litter, who are excited to know the identity of the father, we decided to post the good news as soon as possible. A big thank you to Rods owner who choose to let Anaya be the last mate for Rod here in Denmark.

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